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New study illuminates our patients’ behavioral health and social needs

February 8, 2019
Staff member logging into Camden Coalition Health Information Exchange on a tablet at a meeting with a participant

By Dawn Wiest and Laura Buckley

Through our signature care management program, our care team serves people with complex health and social needs in the Camden area. Patients enrolled in our intervention with behavioral health needs were referred to Karen Rentas, a clinical psychologist.


Partnering with faith communities to expand healthy change to neighborhoods

February 1, 2019
Man holds up a small plate of fruit and vegetable salad at a church dinner

By Whitney Buchmann

Over the past five years, the Camden Coalition’s Faith in Prevention program has reached almost 60 faith-based organizations serving Camden city residents. Last year, New Jersey Healthy Communities Network and the New Jersey Partnership for Healthy Kids provided us with funding to reach two more congregations as part of their strategy to create community-based social support for physical activity. This year, we’re teaming up again to build on the social network we’ve established through Faith in Prevention and conduct community assessments.


The importance of hope

January 29, 2019
Side view of a young mother in a black t-shirt as she looks down at her infant as she holds him

By Michelle Adyniec

As a nurse with the Camden Coalition’s Camden Delivers program, I am part of the care team that supports women who are experiencing medical and social barriers during and after pregnancy. Most of the women we work with are single mothers who are living in poverty, have a mental health diagnosis, and stories of trauma.


New evidence that primary care visits soon after hospitalization are associated with fewer readmissions

January 25, 2019
On left: graphic of blue hand next to "7-Day Pledge" in blue and yellow letters. On right, photo of doctor speaking to two Camden Coalition staff members in clinic room.

By Dawn Wiest, Qiang Yang, Carter Wilson, and Natasha Dravid

As part of the Camden Coalition’s ongoing quality improvement efforts, we evaluated our 7-Day Pledge program to learn about the relationship between timely follow-up appointments with primary care and avoidable readmissions. The results of our analysis were published today in JAMA Network Open. We compared patients who had a primary care follow-up within seven days with patients who had similar clinical and demographic characteristics but who had a later or no follow-up appointment. We found that patients who had primary care appointments within seven days of hospital discharge had a lower number of 30- and 90-day hospital readmissions.


Camden community calls for public investment in healing for youth at Take Back Our Health forum

November 15, 2018
Camden community members sitting in a lecture hall listening to a speaker at Take Back Our Health forum

By Shelby Kehoe

On November 7, community members, local experts, and government officials gathered at Rutgers University—Camden for a public discussion focused on youth trauma and behavioral health resources in New Jersey. The Camden Coalition’s Community Advisory Council co-hosted the event with Healing 10 — a cross-sector collaboration working to bring a trauma-informed model to the city of Camden — with the goal of building support for elected officials to redirect funds from youth incarceration to community-based programs that serve the behavioral health needs of Camden youth. This was accomplished by highlighting best practices for trauma-informed care and programs here in Camden and the surrounding areas.