About Jeffrey Brenner, MD

Executive Director of the Camden Coalition

Jeffrey Brenner, MD, is a family physician who has worked in Camden, NJ since 2000. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Biology from Vassar College, and graduated from Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. He completed his residency with Swedish Family Medicine in Seattle, WA.

Brenner owned and operated a solo-practice, urban family medicine office in Camden providing full-spectrum family health services for a Medicaid-enrolled population. Recognizing the need for a new way for hospitals, providers, and community residents to collaborate, he founded the Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers in 2003, where he has since served as Executive Director.

Brenner’s innovative use of data to identify high-need, high-cost patients in a fragmented system and improve their care was profiled in the 2011 New Yorker article “The Hot-spotters” by writer and surgeon Dr. Atul Gawande, and on PBS Frontline. In 2013 he was honored with the MacArthur “Genius” Fellowship for his work, and in 2014 he was elected to the Institute of Medicine.

In addition to his role at the Coalition, Brenner is the medical director of the Urban Health Institute at Cooper Health System, and serves as a clinical instructor for Cooper Medical School at Rowan University and an adjunct assistant professor for The Dartmouth Institute.

MacArthur Foundation
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Institute of Medicine

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