About the Camden Coalition

Better care at lower costs

The Camden Coalition was founded in 2002 by Dr. Jeffrey Brenner, a family doctor in Camden.

As a coalition of Camden health care providers, community partners, and advocates, we are committed to elevating the health of patients facing the most complex medical and social challenges.

We are a non-profit organization working in the community to improve health and reduce costs. We innovate and test health care delivery models to improve patient outcomes and reduce the cost of their care using data driven, human-centered practices. Drawing on the experiences of our clinical team and patients, Coalition staff also work to transform health care cost and delivery at the policy level.

With over a decade of experience working with vulnerable populations in the city, we share our learning with other communities across the nation to help them implement our philosophies and methods.


A transformed healthcare system that ensures every individual receives whole-person care rooted in authentic healing relationships.


Spark a field and movement that unites communities of caregivers in Camden and across the nation to improve the wellbeing of individuals with complex health and social needs.

Core Values

Servant Leadership
We strive to serve as compassionate servant leaders, allowing us to focus on the growth and well being of the individuals and the community we serve. We aim to empower our patients, members, and partner organizations to improve performance every day.

Communication and Collaboration
We believe that open, honest, and consistent communication within our staff and with our community, members, and partners allows for collaboration and expands the support and investment in our mission. We are committed to being open source and sharing our knowledge with others so that we ultimately integrate our model and priorities into the broader healthcare system.

Compassion and Respect
We respect our patients, our members, and our community. We respect the different needs, backgrounds, and life experiences of all those we encounter and through compassion for each individual’s unique experience, we strive to serve and engage them in our mission.

We strive to innovate by strategizing and reworking solutions to meet the needs of patients in our community. We understand that with innovation comes the risk of failure; however, we embrace the learning opportunities that continuously inform our work. We understand that success in our work requires changing systems from office practice to state and national policies.

Data Driven
We use data to guide our discussions and decisions, to evaluate program progress, and to guide program improvements.

Diversity and Inclusion
We honor the inherent value of every individual’s unique story, experience, and perspective. We strive to amplify the voices of our staff, community, and stakeholders and to create a safe and inclusive environment where everyone can contribute one’s authentic self. Acknowledging that inequalities of power, privilege, and prejudice shape our current systems, it is our collective responsibility to address exclusionary and unjust practices through our work and in our workplace. By committing to Diversity and Inclusion, our actions become part of the broader struggle to end disparities in health and health care.