7-Day Pledge

A Campaign for Better Health in Camden.

Access to primary care is critical to managing and improving patient health, especially in the week following a hospital visit. The 7-Day Pledge is a citywide campaign to ensure all hospitalized patients in Camden meet with their primary care provider within 7 days of discharge.

Research shows that seeing a primary care doctor within 7 days of leaving the hospital is likely to prevent a return visit to the emergency room or hospital. Nearly half of hospital readmissions that take place in the 30 days after discharge happen within the first week.

Seeing a doctor within 7 days of hospital discharge has many potential benefits:

• Establishes caring patient-doctor relationships;
• Helps explain medications and paperwork;
• Provides a chance to discuss overall health needs with a doctor;
• Creates confidence in family and caretakers as a patient embarks on the healing and recovery process;
Connects patients to additional support services.

The 7-Day Pledge is key to reducing preventable and ineffective healthcare spending. Money saved can be redirected to more effective community health and wellness programs.